Camp WeCanZoomDu

June 22nd-June 26th, 2020

Camp WeCanDu 2020 will become Camp WeCanZoomDu as camp will now be a Super Fun virtual camp! Campers will be assigned to cabin groups and have daily cabin hangouts! We will offer daily family fitness workout, one big creative art project, lunchtime dance parties, and a cabin dance-off!!!! And much much more!

The schedule for CampWeCanZoomDu will be sent out on June 10th.

**** In-Person CAMP is CANCELED****
July 23 to July 26 in-person, regular camp WeCanDu was canceled due to recommendations set forth by the American Camp Association and St. Louis County

Made possible by support from Biogen. and The Lions Club.

Camp WeCanZoomDu 2020 Sponsors